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Blog Posts in 2012

  • Why You Need a Maintenance Agreement

    10 Reasons you should consider investing in a PEAK PERFORMANCE Precision Tune-Up & Professional Maintenance Agreement 1. Fewer expensive repairs and inconvenient breakdowns. Professional maintenance results in fewer and less costly repairs. 2. Quick response to your call for service. As a Peak Performance customer, you are given priority status over other callers. 3. Discounted repairs. You will ...
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  • New Home, Old AC

    Congratulations on purchasing your new home! Let's talk about the elephant in the AC cupboard. Sometimes a great house needs just one thing to make it perfect. In South Florida, if that thing is an AC unit, it can turn into feeling like a big thing quickly. It could be that your home inspector said that there are a couple of years left that it needs replacing immediately that the load test shows ...
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  • Florida's Winter

    We in South Florida don't have to winterize our homes and cover and protect our exterior air conditioner units. However, as the weather is a little bit cooler, and before it becomes necessary to turn from cool to heat, it would be a good idea to prepare your AC unit. Whether you use your AC every day or almost never, simply switch your AC to heat and let it blow a few moments. This will dust off ...
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  • Importance of Clean Air Filters

    Breathing fresh, clean air is important to our health. But if we don’t make it a habit to change the filters in our home air systems, the equipment can fail, making matters much worse. Maintaining a good filter maintenance schedule protects the air we breathe and the heating and cooling equipment in our homes. Airflow goes hand-in-hand with the efficiency of your HVAC system, and furnace filters ...
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  • Pricing Policy

    We understand that no one is comfortable hiring a company by the hour. After all, we are consumers, too! That is why, when you do business with GMC Air Conditioning Services, you will be quoted a flat price for your repair, and that is all you will pay, regardless of how long the job takes. We charge a small diagnostic fee in order to determine the problem with your A/C system and then we let you ...
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  • A+ on Angie's List

    The people have spoken! We have an A+ rating on Angie's List . See our page captures here and here .
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  • How Many Tons Do I Need for an Air Conditioner?

    Whether you want to install a window unit to cool a single room or are replacing a central air conditioning unit which cools the whole house, it is good to remember that bigger is not necessarily better. An air conditioner that is bigger than is required will not only have a higher initial cost, it could cost you more by short cycling. Of course a unit that is too small can quickly run up your ...
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  • Bad News for Old ACs

    Older model air conditioning units use R-22 coolant. These units are being phased out in favor of R-410A coolant, which is more environmentally friendly. This means that the old coolant will now cost about triple what it used to, if you can find it at all. If you have recently replaced your air conditioner, you are in good shape! If not, the cost of buying the old coolant, and difficulty obtaining ...
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  • Maintenance is essential

    Preventative maintenance is essential to your air conditioning unit. Regular maintenance helps to: extend the life of your unit ensure your unit works properly at all times reduce the number of repair calls and emergencies reduce your overall cost for repair save you time and money Maintenance is necessary for both individuals and corporations. A recent article about a city library highlights the ...
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