The Importance of Changing Your AC’s Air Filter

Breathing fresh, clean air is important to our health. But if we don’t make it a habit to change the filters in our home air systems, the equipment can fail, making matters much worse. Maintaining a good filter maintenance schedule protects the air we breathe and the cooling equipment in our homes.

Airflow goes hand-in-hand with the efficiency of your AC system, and air filters assist with this. Dirty filters restrict the airflow, which results in higher energy and even higher AC repair costs.

Your typical off-the-shelf, throwaway AC filter collects particles in the filtering medium. After it collects a certain amount of particles and is full, you simply remove it, throw it away and replace it with another.

It is important to remember the more efficient the filter or the dirtier the air, the faster the filter is going to fill up and need to be replaced. It is recommended that AC air filters be checked at least every 30 days for an excessive load up of particles. If you cannot see through the filter on day 30 when holding it up to the light, then you will have to check it more frequently. On the other hand, if the filter looks particularly clean, you can relax the schedule of checking it.

Aside from keeping the air in your home clean, if your air system is working with a dirty air filter, it will slow down its efficiency. As a result, you’ll be paying more money to keep your home cool.

And last but not least, an air filter helps keep the interior of your equipment clean. If a dirty air filter is kept in use, it could damage your equipment, or even cause it to break down entirely, which won’t do you any good.

Prevent overpaying for cooling your home or repairing your AC equipment by maintaining a schedule to replace your air filters. Need a filter change now? Call us at 954-973-5980.

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