Indoor Air Quality – Is It Worth it? Local Facility’s Director of Operations Explains His Experience with IAQ

As businesses began closing their doors due to the novel coronavirus easier this year, buzzing thoughts on manys minds were ways to provide a safe return for their employees once the stay at home order was lifted.

This had crossed the mind of Monty Gray, Director of Operations of Advanced Media Technologies in Deerfield Beach. His dive into Indoor Air Quality began in February when he started asking the owner of their exclusive HVAC vendor, Skip Farinhas of GMC Air Conditioning Services, about ways to improve the air quality inside their facility.

Little did he know that this conversation would evolve into much more than better breathable air.

How does someone protect the air of a 49,115 square feet facility with dozens of employees amidst a pandemic?


The solution was found among a long time industry under the HVAC umbrella, Indoor Air Quality.

“Firstly, you should think about what results you’re trying to achieve,” explains Farinhas.

“Sometimes you might need a combination of products to get the right result and to address all of your concerns.”

Gray and Farinhas mulled over their options and created the perfect IAQ solution for AMT’s needs, the “three point attack” as Gray calls it.

This three point solution included: upgrading the filters to high efficiency particulate filtration FPR 10 or more, install an needle-point bi-polar ionization device to create equal amounts of positive and negative ions in conditioned space, and Ultraviolet UV-C Lights in each system to provide maximum germicidal sanitization within the duct system.

Amt 3
Amt 2

This combination treats the inside duct system, surfaces in the facility and all of the conditioned air. The UV lights keep bacteria, viruses and mold from living in the duct system, then the ionic technology treats all the air distributed through the facility and on the surfaces by binding to the VOCs in the air which are caught through the particle filtration system preventing debris from accumulating in the coils.

“By doing this to all of the air conditioning units in my commercial building, we have made the indoor air quality 100% better,” says Gray.

Now, his employees can come to work without the fear of being exposed to harmful pollutants and the possibility of bringing back any type of virus to their families at home.

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