How to get healthy indoor air during the current pandemic

“As people go indoors in hot weather and the rebreathed air fraction goes up, the risk of infection is quite dramatic.”
— Edward Nardell, Harvard Medical School

With the reemergence of the novel Coronavirus, South Florida is seeking a solution to help combat the spread while still keeping the economy open.

A long time industry under the HVAC umbrella, Indoor Air Quality, makes its way to the forefront with advanced technology and a solution that fits the needs of any home or business.

Insight from Edward Nardell:

Edward Nardell, professor of medicine and of global health and social medicine at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and professor of environmental health and of immunology and infectious diseases at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, sheds some light on the current pandemic and the way it has affected the southern part of the U.S.

Nardell says the summer season’s scorching temperatures creates a similar situation to the winter when respiratory ailments typically surge making people head for the presumed safety of the indoors.

The breathing and rebreathing of contaminated air that is often more polluted than the air outside creates the perfect environment for the transmission of the COVID-19. Large droplets expelled during coughing, sneezing, or talking, and even in some cases airborne transmission make people even more vulnerable to the virus in a closed room.

Indoor Air Quality products kill viruses and bacteria on surfaces and in the air, and prevents contaminated air from circulating throughout your home or business.

Getting rid of contaminated air:

There are a diverse set of products including Germicidal UV light rays that have been used for decades by the medical industry, to devices that emit positive and negative ions that actively purify the supply air. Whatever product is right for you, the goal is all the same, to provide your home or business with clean and healthy indoor air and remove the possibility of breathing contaminated air that can carry harmful pollutants.

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