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For older homes, smaller homes, or homes built without central heating and cooling, installing air conditioning can seem like an almost insurmountable challenge. Some homes simply don’t have the ability to install air ducts necessary for a forced air central cooling system, while other homeowners simply may not have the money or want to go through the process. Does this mean you’re stuck without air conditioning for as long as you own your home? Far from it—a Mitsubishi Electric ductless cooling system may be the perfect whole-home solution to your cooling needs!

How It Works

A ductless cooling system is an entire air conditioning system contained within one small, easy-to-install package. All of the parts and components necessary to make your air conditioner work are contained within one box or two smaller boxes in the case of ductless mini-split systems. A ductless mini split has an inside unit that’s mounted on your wall, and an outside unit that’s placed outdoors, with the two being connected by a small pipe carrying electrical and refrigerant connections.

Because they’re so much smaller, a ductless mini split system is not capable of producing enough air to keep your entire home cool. However, when several mini-split units are combined together and installed in each room in your home, a ductless system can provide you with cheaper, energy-saving cooling for your entire home!

Mitsubishi Electric Features

Mitsubishi Electric ductless air conditioning systems offer you a world of flexibility and technology in addition to state-of-the-art home comfort. Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems are designed to all work in conjunction with one another through Wi-Fi connectivity. You’ll have the ability to control every unit individually, turning them on and off from your smartphone or tablet computer through a convenient, easy-to-use app. The ability to control the climate in different areas of your home independently is called “zoning” and a network of ductless systems gives you the highest degree of zoning control you can get. By only using the units in the rooms you’re in, you’ll use only a small portion of the energy you would have otherwise needed in a standard heating and cooling system!

Likewise, these units are small, easy to maintain, and easy to control. Everyone will be able to set their own climate preferences for the room they’re in, and that means no more fighting over the thermostat or stressing about turning the air conditioner on and off for the entire home. You’ll even be able to finally cool that one stubborn room in your home that always seems to be boiling hot in the summertime!

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At GMC Air Conditioning Services, nobody does ductless air conditioning systems as we do—nobody installs more, maintains more, and repairs more in the Pompano Beach area! We know this technology inside and out, and we can help you with everything from single-room installations to whole-home systems. We hold our labor to high standards, ensuring that the Mitsubishi Electric products we offer are installed right and will provide you with the best experience. We aren’t done with the job until you’re completely satisfied!

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