The Importance of Commercial Summer AC Maintenance

The sweltering summer heat becomes more bearable for you and your customers when your air conditioning unit is meeting its full potential. Cool air is a sweet relief from suffocating humidity and intense rays of the summer sun, but the demands on an AC unit during the summer are heavy. By relying on an air conditioning maintenance routine carried out by the professionals, you ensure the functionality of your air conditioning when it is most critically needed.

Reduce Cooling Costs

The continuous demands on an air conditioning system to cool multiple zones or large buildings can be a hefty investment, but if your system is operating incorrectly or with worn-out equipment, your costs can increase dramatically. Dirty air filters, leaking or dusty ductwork and loose or cracked belts and fans increase the energy demands on your unit.

Create Better Air Quality

People want to feel refreshed by cool air, but they also want quality when they breathe in that sigh of relief. Neglected equipment blows spores, pollen, bacteria and germs into the air right along with the cooled air. Checking and replacing air filters, cleaning out dirty ductwork and keeping fan blades free from dust and grime provide a better air quality indoors.

Prevent Unit Failure

Loss of AC functionality during the summer heat is a huge inconvenience. If you fail to check evaporators and condensers, monitor refrigerant levels, assess electrical components and test relays or compressors, you open the door to unexpected replacement of larger parts or complete units. A disaster like this is costly and creates a longer unit downtime. Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure all this doesn’t happen. A professional maintenance check will lubricate, clean, tighten, drain and inspect every nook and cranny of your unit.

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