Does Your Business Need Commercial Cooling Towers?

When your business starts heating up — both figuratively and literally — it may be time to consider commercial cooling towers to keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly, efficiently and comfortably.

What Commercial Cooling Towers Do

Cooling towers do exactly what their name implies; they keep your business cool by taking heat from one zone and moving it to another, which prevents valuable systems from overheating. There are two types of cooling towers: natural draft and mechanical draft. Natural draft cooling towers transfer warm air up and away through a chimney. Mechanical draft cooling towers use fans to keep warm air from sneaking back into your building's air circulation.

Who Uses Cooling Towers

A wide variety of industries employ cooling towers, including power plants, food processing industries, chemical engineering facilities, oil refineries, steel plants and data centers that use large computer servers. In short, any business that gets hot can benefit from the security of cooling towers.

What Cooling Towers Can Do for You

In addition to lowering temperatures, cooling towers can also lower humidity levels. This is especially important in the technology sector. They're also environmentally friendly; cooling towers can recycle as much as 98% of the water used by a business, which can benefit you in multiple ways.

More and more consumers are interested in backing green businesses. They want to know precisely where their money is going and support products or services that make efforts at sustainability and eco-responsibility. Simply put, consumers want to feel good about who they're doing business with and their environmental accountability.

It's not all about saving the planet, though. Cooling towers' efficiency can save your business money in the long run, too, as they cut back on the amount of water, time and energy required to keep things at a comfortable climate. Older methods of cooling water rob you of funds you could be pouring into other projects.

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