Do You Really Need Air Conditioning Maintenance? The Bottom Line

Proper maintenance of your AC is key to protecting your business’ profits. In fact, neglecting to care for your it can cost your business major dollars before you even recognize it. While your AC seems to be working just fine, your bank account may be unknowingly leaking dollars. Here are three ways a poorly maintained air conditioning unit can cut into your profits.

The Effect On Your Bottom Line

Not paying close attention to your air conditioner can directly lead to financial loss. Even something as simple as dirty filters can place additional strain on your unit and cause your utility bill to increase. While you may put it off as the AC working harder due to the summer heat, it’s possible that the filters are the culprit. Eventually, minor hiccups such as this can lead to major complications and eventual system failure that requires a major outlay of dollars on your part to repair.

How it Affects Your Customers

Another way your profits can be impacted is through the loss of customers. Your customers want to be comfortable when they visit your business, and anything short of that can drive them away. Whether they take their dollars next door to your competitor or decide to stay home and shop online, you can lose a tremendous amount of income from a poorly operating AC system.

Productivity Consequences

The impact of a malfunctioning AC on your employees’ productivity may be difficult to measure, but it’s real and can be costly. For example, if your system struggles to maintain a comfortable temperature, employees may have a difficult time focusing on their work or may be forced to take more breaks. As a result, routine tasks take longer to complete while your company remains on the hook for this lost time.

It’s clear that a lack of regular maintenance to your AC system can have a devastating effect on your finances. If you’re currently experiencing difficulties or would like to speak with a professional about scheduling an inspection, contact the experts at GMC Air Conditioning Services today by calling (954) 361-7865 or sending an email to

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