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  • Top 5 Reasons to Schedule Your AC Tune-Up
    Top 5 Reasons to Schedule Your AC Tune-Up

    With the heat beginning to build up into spring, it’s getting to be the time for home and business owners to start thinking about the wellbeing of their AC units. As we all know, these beautiful 70 ...

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  • Split System
    Split System

    A split system has both inside and outside system parts. When used in the correct situation, it can be the perfect fit for efficiently cooling a home.

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  • Carrier Ductless Split Systems
    Carrier Ductless Split Systems

    Click any of the links below for more information:

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  • Air Handlers
    Air Handlers

    Air handlers use smart technology to efficiently circulate the air, varying its speed based on your home's heating and cooling requirements while saving electricity by working only when needed. This ...

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  • Why You Need a Maintenance Agreement
    Why You Need a Maintenance Agreement

    10 Reasons you should consider investing in a PEAK PERFORMANCE Precision Tune-Up & Professional Maintenance Agreement 1. Fewer expensive repairs and inconvenient breakdowns. Professional maintenance ...

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  • New Home, Old AC
    New Home, Old AC

    Congratulations on purchasing your new home! Let's talk about the elephant in the AC cupboard. Sometimes a great house needs just one thing to make it perfect. In South Florida, if that thing is an AC ...

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