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Three Reasons to Clean the Air Ducts in Commercial HVAC Systems

At GMC Air Conditioning Services, LLC., we know the air conditioning system in your business establishment can be one of your greatest allies in winning customers and keeping employees comfortable and productive. However, if you don’t maintain it properly, it can also be your worst enemy when it comes to losing customers and making employees miserable. In case that alone wasn’t enough, there are many other compelling reasons for business owners to pay close attention to their air conditioners and keep them running at top efficiency. One way to do this: have your air ducts cleaned periodically. On this blog we’ll explore three reasons why this is an extremely beneficial service.

Reason 1: Dust, Mold and Pollen

Your HVAC system acts as a filter for the outside air. The air conditioner draws in air from outside and sifts out harmful particles before cooling it and blowing it throughout your facility using your duct network. Your air filter will do the bulk of the work straining the air, but they aren’t perfect which means dust and dirt can enter your duct system. If your ducts are not clean, your customers and employees will be breathing air filled with natural irritants and allergens. Even with regular filter changes, dust, mold and pollen build up in the ducts, making regular cleaning a necessity.

Reason 2: Smog & Pollution

Natural contaminants are not the only things that build up in your air ducts. Man-made smog and pollution can enter your building through your air conditioning and potentially coat the surface of your air ducts. Over time, the air in your building can become full of this cocktail of potentially harmful chemicals. Routinely changing your filter helps the situation, but the only way to ensure the best air quality is to routinely have your air ducts cleaned by a professional.

Reason 3: Better System Efficiency

When pollutants and chemicals build up in your air ducts, the people breathing the air are not the only ones who suffer. The HVAC system itself will have to work harder to force the air through the ducts that are partially clogged with dirt and other debris. This situation inevitably leads to a shorter lifespan for your HVAC system and more money out of your pocket in the form of higher utility bills and replacement costs.

The skilled Pompano Beach air conditioning technicians at GMC Air Conditioning are ready to help you set up a regular service schedule for your commercial HVAC system. Contact us today by calling (954) 361-7865, sending an email to, or sending us a message on our website to schedule an estimate for your next project.