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7 Tips to Stay Cool This Summer in South Florida

It's getting warm out and as the days pass it will only get hotter! Here are some tips to help drop the temperature in your home without raising your electric bill!
  1. Install a programmable thermostat to ensure you only pay for conditioned air during times you’re at home.
  2. Take advantage of the cool evening air by opening windows in the later hours and using a window fan to circulate air throughout the house.
  3. Turn the temperature setting up. For each degree over 78 degrees, you can save between 5 and 8 percent on your energy bill.
  4. If keeping that dial higher is uncomfortable add a ceiling or floor fan. Fans make rooms seem about 5 degrees cooler!
  5. Keep the sun out during the day. Use curtains or blinds to block rays, particularly in rooms that get direct sun.
  6. The right kind of light bulb will keep you feeling cooler! Switch out your incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs which produce less heat.
  7. Indoor cooking with your oven can raise temperatures, making your A/C work even harder. Use your outdoor grill as much as possible, or cook indoors during the cooler part of the day.

For more great ways to save money on Air Conditioing consider routine maintenance, upgrading your system or cleaning your ducts! Contact GMC AC Services in Pompano for more information!