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New Home, Old AC

Congratulations on purchasing your new home!
Let's talk about the elephant in the AC cupboard.
Sometimes a great house needs just one thing to make it perfect. In South Florida, if that thing is an AC unit, it can turn into feeling like a big thing quickly. It could be that your home inspector said
  • that there are a couple of years left
  • that it needs replacing immediately
  • that the load test shows it is too small for the property
  • that it is inefficient
  • that the ductwork needs replacing

All of these are indicators of needing a new AC unit. Here's the good news:
A new AC will lower your monthly energy bill!
That's right. An older, inefficient unit will cost you more over 3 years than a new unit. It will essentially pay for itself. Plus, there are rebates you can request for replacing your AC unit from FPL and the government. Look at that, you're getting money back already!
Turn that frown upside down and trust us to do a great job replacing your AC unit and ductwork for clean, cold, fresh air!
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