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Air Filter vs. Air Purifier

Air Filter -

Air filters are available in many sizes - varying in length and width according to the system in which they are being inserted. The thickness of an air filter will determine how well it works.

Air filters are typically made with straight fiber media or pleated media. Pleated media typically performs better than straight media because the pleated filters provide more surface area in the same amount of space as a straight filter. Because pleated filters offer less resistance, they also allow an A/C system to perform more efficiently overall.

Air filters are simply parts that are used in an HVAC system to maintain the quality of the air within the home.
Air Filter vs Air Purifier

Air Purifiers -

Air Purifiers work to remove particles and gases from the air that are often too small for a regular A/C filter to handle. These particles are typically so small that they cannot be seen but can often be detected by smell. Some of the most common gases and particles that air purifiers are used to clean up are:

-Potassium Permanganate

Most air purifiers are designed with multistage replaceable elements in order to handle the filtration and absorption needs necessary.

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